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How to Choose a Suitable Mobile Phone Case

Mobile phone has become a necessity for people. In order to protect mobile phones, people have come up with various ways. The most frequently used is the mobile phone case.

Mobile phone cases are divided into soft cases and hard cases.

Soft case materials include silica gel and transparent soft case.

Silica gel material are good elasticity and fall resistance. It can customize the pattern. It is very popular with people. But it is easy to be stained with ash and has poor heat dissipation.

Transparent soft case of general rubber material. Transparent soft cases are mostly transparent. It is easy to turn yellow and needs to be changed after a period. This kind of mobile phone case is cheap. It can be sprayed into other colors. It is convenient to customize. People who like to change mobile phone cases will be more like transparent and soft cases.

Hard case materials include PP case, PC case, glass case and leather case.

PP case has the best heat dissipation among all mobile phone cases. It can effectively prevent hand sweat. Many mobile phones will choose this material as their case. But it does not resist falling and can hardly bear any impact. Please choose carefully before purchasing.

PC case is the material with heat dissipation second only to PP case. Fall resistance is better than PP case. PC case has a good touch and is currently the most popular material. Many mobile phone brands will choose this material when customizing cases. Open HONOR 20 case official store in UK, you can see that HONOR’s customized case is made of PC material. This kind of case is often the favorite of game lovers. It can effectively protect the mobile phone and will not affect the game experience.

The glass case is actually a metal case. Because of its good glossiness, it is called glass case. But not as fragile as glass. This case is resistant to high temperature and is not easy to break. It is more durable to use and is not easy to fade. The appearance is more fashionable. But it is too thick and heavy. Placing it on the mobile phone will make the mobile phone very heavy. Because the material is made of metal, it will sometimes affect the signal receiving function of the mobile phone. If the signal of the mobile phone is not very good, it is not recommended using the case made of this material.

Leather case is the best hand feeling of all cases. Generally, on the basis of silicone case, the case is replaced by skin. This kind of case feels comfortable to hold and fashionable. It is very suitable for business people. The price of this kind of mobile phone case is expensive. The heat dissipation of this case is not good. Because the appearance is leather case, it is not resistant to high temperature. If the mobile phone will heat up when playing games, it is not recommended using the case made of this material.

These are the materials commonly used in cases, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various materials. When purchasing a case, one must choose and buy it according to the characteristics of one’s own mobile phone so as not to cause waste.