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How to Choose the Right TLD

How to Choose the Right TLD

Top Level Domains (TLDs) are something we experience on pretty much a daily basis, yet many have never heard of the term. However, if you are setting up a website for your business, now is the time to learn all about them—and how to choose top-level domains for your site.

What Are Top-Level Domains?

TLDs are the ending of your website address—the dot whatever-you-so-choose. Some of the most well-known TLDs include:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .gov
  • .edu

However, options are hardly limited. Every year, more and more TLDs are added, some of them helpful, many of them weird (.george, anyone?). However, your TLD can have a major impact on your branding and your SEO in Atlanta. When you choose, do so carefully.

Why TLDs Matter

Essentially, they are your online address and once selected, they are difficult, even impossible, to change. Just like being located in a nice neighborhood can help draw in customers, having a quality TLD can make people feel more comfortable.

They are also part of how people find you and remember you. Most people default to .com, so anyone trying to find your site through a simple guess will likely go .com before .net and other alternatives. However, if you are a pizza restaurant, .pizza might be more memorable and catchy, especially amongst younger customers.

How to Choose the Right TLD

Selecting the right TLD for your website doesn’t need to be hard. While we suggest working with socialmedia marketing experts in Atlanta for your overall online marketing strategy, selecting a good TLD isn’t all that complex. Just incorporate the following tips.

Keep Things Simple

The new industry-specific TLDs are appealing, but the problem with them is that most people still default to .com. This can mean they’ll struggle to find your site and just go with a competitor if you choose anything else.While younger people are more open to alternative TLDs, for many older customers, unusual top-level domains feel like a signal that a business is scammy.

Match Your TLD to Your Business

No, you don’t need jewelry if you are a jeweler. However, people do associate specific types of entities with different TLDs. For example, many think .org is just for non-profit organizations, and they will consider your charity more trustworthy with this TLD than a .com.

Purchase Multiple TLDs

This is a great solution if you like multiple TLDs and just can’t decide. You purchase them all, then redirect to your main site. It also prevents competitors from buying an alternate TLD for your site and stealing your traffic.

Need more guidance on the best top-level domains? Turn to the local SEO Atlanta experts at SEO Guru.