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How to Find your Dream Career in Tech?

Building a career in tech is no longer the obstacle it used to be.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that tech is more vital than we ever thought it could be. Sure, there were some of us tapping the sides of our noses and telling everyone else to pay attention, but until covid-19 meant the only way to see your mother was via video call, none of us really took it seriously.

2020 showed us that the world is made for those with a comprehensive knowledge of technology. If you can open a computer, fix it, and get it to work again, you have already got a better CV than the rest of us. 

On a serious note, though, we wanted to take some time to thanks those techies of 2020 and spark some interest in the IT sector moving forward. It’s a booming business and wise students would be taking heed for big salaries in the coming months.

Tech Careers Require an Education

You could start with a basic computing degree, but you would have to add to it. Employers look for those that can develop websites on the low end, and apps and games on the high end. They want those skilled in Azure, who specialise in Microsoft, or who can code with the best of them. 

Tech careers aren’t something you can just wing, you have to study. However, there are plenty of tech careers that you can study for online nowadays. The future of learning lies squarely in the online workspace, and you don’t need to be an IT technician to be able to find good courses.

Types of Tech Career

Once you have graduated from your college or university of choice, starting your dream career in tech is as easy as uploading your CV and sending out inquiry emails. Here are some of the jobs you can expect to land once you’ve done the hard work.

1 – The IT Project Manager

If you have a formal education and a little experience in your field, IT Project Manager Jobs are an excellent way to make more money and elevate your career. These types of jobs require you to oversee other IT technicians in their roles, often driving a team towards a single overall goal.

2 – Website Tester

This role is playing an increasingly important part in the modern business world. Companies want to know how their sites are performing from a UX perspective. They often hire freelancers to test for specific things, and the role comes with plenty of rewards. This isn’t simple testing, though, so be prepared. Improving user experience might start with load speeds, but there’s much more to it than that.

3 – Web Design/Development

Another massive growth area that just won’t stop is in web design and development. If you can learn how to build people SEO infused websites, you will always have steady work coming in. There are new businesses emerging every day, all over the globe. If you can cash in on their need for a website, you will make your fortune.

Try these for yourself and remember, a future in tech is only ever an online course away.