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Tips To Solve the Charging Issue for Android Phones

At some point in our life, we must have faced an issue with a smartphone where it won’t accept the charge. This is very troublesome since most of us do not charge our phones unless it is on the brink of dying. This can be very frustrating because you would be in a predicament very soon.

There are a few problems that could be occurring. As there is very little time, you should take a look at the following steps. So, if you are in an emergency, you would know exactly what you need to do and even visit the service center if you couldn’t solve the problem by yourself.

  1. Try using a different power source

It might be so that there is no problem with the phone or charger. Something could have gone wrong with the power socket(s). You could try charging your phone at a different place to be sure. You could even try charging through the computer to be absolutely sure. If you had already been charging through the computer, you should try switching to a wall socket. If the problem is resolved, you would know what is causing the problem.

  1. Make a proper examination of the charging cable

Before trying to restart your device, you would need to check two components – the charging cable and the wall adapter. The most common problem is with the charging cable. This is understandable as these cables go through a lot of tension, flexing, wrapping, and unwrapping – a lot of chances to undergo wear and tear. All these things have the potential to damage the cable. Try using a different cable to be certain of the problem.

  1. Be sure to check the wall adapter

Another thing that you need to examine properly is the wall adapter. Only after crossing out these probable defects should you try messing with the phone. Some chargers do not have a removable cable. If yours belong to such a category, there is nothing more you can do with it. The easiest way to find out the fault is to use a different adapter. If you do not have a second adapter, you can try charging by plugging the device to your computer.

  1. Turn your phone off and then switch it on

There could be scenarios where your phone is losing charge faster than it is gaining (if you are playing a graphic-intensive game). However, with the fast chargers today and the charging indicator, there are few chances of making these mistakes. There could be a problem with the firmware. If you perform a reboot of the system, most of these problems willdisappear.

  1. Ensure the USB socket is working fine

The small metal connector in the USB port could be bent slightly. This might hamper proper contact with the charging cable. If you need to fix this, you need to switch off the phone and remove the battery. You can take a pin and straighten the small tab inside the USB port. You would need to be gentle during the process. You should try charging again after this.

In rare cases, you might need to get the battery replaced. In some scenarios, you might need to update your operating system. However, this can be fixed quite easily, by flashing the device yourself, refer link for steps on how to use the Lenovo Motorola Smart Assistant. Else you might need to visit a Service Center.