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Use A Few Specific Free CRM App If You Are Gmail Power User

There are some best CRMs for the Gmail power users that will help them to manage their contacts as well as their sales. If you are one such user, then you will surely need such an extension. This will be inside your inbox and work from there. This means that you will not need to login separately to this free CRM app to manage your contact or sales. In addition to that, there is another significant benefit of using this app, which is you will not need to switch back and forth between the CRM and email, making it the go-to CRM altogether.

Easy to download and use

Just like most of the best CRM systems, the app for Gmail power users is also very easy to download and use. When you want to download the extension, you will not need to spend much time on it. The process is also relatively simple. You will need to click on the dropdown menu located at the top right-hand corner of your Gmail inbox. This menu comprises the setting, integrations, help, and more. The good this about this app is that it is ready to use CRM. Open the sidebar, click on the orange icon at the right side of the ‘+’ icon.

The actions performed

You can add contacts from the sidebar or perform specific actions for your existing contacts using this best sales CRM software. You can add notes, perform and add different tasks, and even add files. You will also be able to see different things on the sidebar as well. These include the contact details, notes, email addresses, and a summary of each. You will find the pipelines in the list of your Gmail folders. You can create different pipelines from here, such as for sales, support, projects, and several other business functions. This will help you to track your business progress.

Customize according to your need

You will also be able to customize your functions according to your needs by using this tool. All you have to do is click on the ‘+’ icon to access different templates of the pipeline. Yes, you can also create your own. These pipeline stages can also be color-coded. You will also be able to customize the different stage fields. In this field, you can add the information that you are tracking for each specific item in the pipeline. This includes things like industry, the source of the leads, size of the deal, and about the assignment.

The reporting abilities

Just like all other CRM platforms, this tool designed explicitly for Gmail users also has reporting capabilities. These reports can be created as well as accessed after creation directly from the inbox of your Gmail. Though there is no customization feature available within reporting, you will, however, get an email link. This will enable you to request a specific custom report. All these reports can be drag-and-dropped or added around the dashboard, making it a worthy tool to invest time and effort in.