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3 Problematic Digital Marketing Assumptions

The COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed more businesses to go digital. Today, digital marketing partnerships play a vital role in helping entrepreneurs make that shift. More Australians are taking their transactions online including shopping, paying bills, ordering food and more. As of 2020, Social Media Perth reports that there are over 22 million internet users and 18 million social media users in Australia. 

Businesses usually look to an Australian digital marketing agency to help them establish a strong foothold in the digital space. However, there are also some assumptions about digital marketing that entrepreneurs need to be cautious of.

More likes equals success

When it comes to social media, the top three platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The usual measure of success for these platforms are based on the number of likes of a post, page or account. But it is not always true that the more likes you have, the more successful your business is. This is an oversimplification of digital marketing agency. More than the likes are the set of metrics every business should consider. There are factors like reach, engagement, and impressions that tell you more on how your business is engaging the audience. Digital marketing partnerships can also provide the extra step in interpreting social media data in building a better marketing plan.

Social media ads are a waste of money

There are assumptions that social media platforms are by themselves, vehicles for free advertising. While that may hold true 10 years ago, so much has changed in terms of social media advertising. Facebook for example, has modified its content algorithm to deprioritize posts that appear to be advertisements. While paid ads are now standard across social media platforms, every money you invest will be worth it if you have a digital marketing partnership to help you. These kinds of agencies can support you on how to spend your ad money wisely so you’ll get the most favorable results. 

SEO is everything

Search engine optimization or SEO is definitely important in digital marketing but it is not the only thing you should consider. An effective SEO agency will help your business be more searchable and visible online. They have the capacity to bump you up in search engine results and drive more traffic to your website. However, driving more users to your social media page or website is just the first step in digital marketing. You have to think about engagement too. Once you’re your potential customers reach your website, do you have content that’s interesting enough to keep them immersed? Are you making better lead conversions? Are you having better customer support? These are equally important things to think about aside from SEO that a digital marketing partnership can fulfill.