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3 Tips to choose the best Prestashop hosting

If you want to be successful with your online store and get as many orders as possible, an essential requirement is to have the best Prestashop hosting, such as the one you can find at

Keep the web always at full capacity without showing service errors, that you can navigate quickly to prevent visits from bouncing to another ecommerce, and thus have the peace of mind that your prestashop will always be available and to be able to focus 100% on your online business.

Tips to choose a Web Hosting Theme 

There are many hosting companies to choose from where to host your online store, but each one offers different characteristics, which causes the existence of a very considerable price difference between one company or another. So below we are going to provide 3 essential tips to have the best hosting for Prestashop at the cheapest possible price.


The quintessential feature for any type of website to be successful is that it has an excellent loading speed. The less time it takes to view all the content the better, because if it is slow at the end the user will close the view and go to another online store to buy.

We have already seen in the peculiarities that Prestashop occupies much more space than another CMS, on top of that the database is somewhat complex, so it is vital that the hosting has an excellent loading speed. The following factors influence this:

– That the server uses SSD disks with which you get more speed in reading or writing operations with less power consumption.

– It is important that the server processor has the maximum number of Gigahertz to speed up transactions.

– Ram Memory is vital, the greater the quantity, the less likely it is that the web crashes.

– It is convenient to find out if the server allows the use of cache extensions such as Litlle Speed, which saves the user time when browsing by making previously viewed items load faster.


There are many aspects to analyze, to find a good offer where to host your Prestashop it would be convenient to compare prices and use discounts and coupons. In addition to the price, it is also convenient to see if it includes in the price some important aspects for the best Prestashop hosting or if they should be hired separately. In these services we refer to:

– If the price of the server includes the realization and external storage of backups.

– If the backend of the server can be monitored with tools such as cpanel or plesk included in the price.

– In the event that you already have a website and want to change servers, it is very interesting to know if they can do the migration for you for free.

– If it includes a reliability SSL other than the Let’s Encrypt for an ecommerce.

– If you have the option of having your own IP.

It is convenient to look at the previous characteristics to avoid extra charges.


The last key point to choose the best Prestashop hosting is to determine if customer service support can be useful. For this you should investigate the following:

– Find out if they guarantee a response within 24 hours maximum.

– See what contact channels they have: email, telephone, WhatsApp, ticket system.

– If they are available at any time of the day.

– It is important to know where the company is located, because even though they can offer 24-hour service, you will always find more employees available for your consultation within normal working hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.).

And a final determining factor in the support to choose a good hosting for Prestashop, is to know if said hosting provider company has knowledge of this CMS to provide good assistance.