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5 Ways To Train As A Boxer

Do you like boxing and have you started practising it? But even if you put on your gloves in your boxing club or with a private coach, you don’t know how to organize your exercises during the holidays or organize your training sessions. You can follow the steps below to get the idea while wearing a Thai pattern T-Shirt (เสื้อ ยืด ลาย ไทย, which is the term in Thai).

The Warming Of The Boxer

Not surprisingly, Muay Thai or French boxing is no exception to the laws that govern the world of sports in general: combat sports demand good warm-up because the whole body is used. Therefore, boxing can help you hold the line.

Review Your Attack Technique

The boxing training itself begins with the theory which marks a short break after the warming efforts. The boxer must learn at this stage to get fit and concentrate. You should think about all the punches you know, naming them by heart or even out loud.

Train With The Boxing Pear

You have to give soft and natural blows with a fast pace that suits your breathing and the timing of boxing. Both the fists and the pear must move constantly with circular movements, ideal to synchronize and maintain an offensive position. A bandage or thin gloves are sufficient for this type of exercise.

Boxing With A Punching Bag

Now, you can put on your boxing gloves wearing a Thai screen printed shirt (เสื้อ สกรีน ลาย ไทย, which is the term in Thai) because you will hit something hard, heavy and resistant: a punching bag full of sand, gravel, grains. Hit the bag, but don’t pounce. Stand on both feet and do not fall on top of the bag. Keep your balance to get a better attack power and better footwork around the bag.

Make A Muscle Reinforcement

To gain strength, you also have to devote time to bodybuilding. The whole body must be muscular, but the arms and torso are the ones that should worry the beginner boxer. Depending on where you train, as in a gym, you may be able to access professional weight training equipment. If not, get at least one pull bar and weights.  You can also use your weight by doing different floor exercises.