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Are You Ready to Create Life on Your Own Terms? Introducing a Technology to Help You Do Just That!

If you ever find yourself getting in a pickle over some triviality and afterwords you feel that you should or could have responded differently then do not despair as their various ways you can change this.

But first let me ask you…

Have you ever found yourself lost in a day dream wondering where on earth you were or what just happened?

If so you would have most likely being experiencing what is known as an alpha or theta brain wave pattern. What does it mean to experience an alpha or theta brain wave pattern?

It means your brain was producing relatively slow waves of electromagnetic energy. Simply put your brain was in a more receptive and peaceful state where your sense of self in relation to space and time was altered. Hence the feeling that you were not fully present.

Everytime you go to sleep at night your brain goes into theta and lose sense of the physical realm where your awareness turns inwards to experience what we call the subtle realm. The subtle realm is the inner world where you are no longer confined to the gross physical body but instead experience the world with your subtle or etheric body.

The subtle or etheric body has different tones and qualities from your physical body; this is why you can do things in the dream state you cannot ordinarily do in your everyday waking state. One way to have greater self control is to enter the brainwave state associated with dreaming (theta) and explore it from the perspective of being awake. In other words we utilise some technique for training that specific brainwave pattern in the waking state.

This is where brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology excels!

Audio visual entrainment technology is one of the most effective ways to train this state and not only is it enjoyable and relaxing it also has cumulative benefits such as improved writing and reading capabilities, greater ability to remain focused under pressure,greater control over your emotions and reactions (the purpose of this post) which gives you the ability to make better decisions and be more effective in whatever you do.