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Essential tips to for reactjs development

If you are looking forward to build interactive interfaces for business or any other purpose, you can consider using react JS. There are several practices that you can follow to write better code and become the best developer. Below discussed are some tips that can help you in react js development.

Write small components

it is better to write small components as it keep it clean and maintainable. It also makes it easy to identify the errors and resolve them with ease. Long components can make you go crazy and you might also not be able to debug the errors.

Error Boundaries

No matter how much efforts you put on a project, there will be error in the project. It becomes difficult to leave application in unstable state which is dangerous for both developers and users. A react was released in 2017 this update introduced the concept of error boundaries were introduced. If an error occurred in the component, it bubble up the parents until it hits the root of application where it will get unmount or find other components which can handle the error. 

Splitting Code

If every file will not be checked, it will get bundled in one file which increases the size of the file. Tools like webpack can help in splitting this bundle into manageable components that needed as per the request. As React encourages creating small components, plenty of opportunities arise to break the bundle. It enables components to define render and webpack that can split the bundle automatically to accommodate. 

Rendering Server

Due to the large application file, users face more time in loading the sites. If the rendering is done on the initial view on server, the loading time will get reduced. React is equipped in handling the render on server.