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How advancements in food processing and packaging industry harm us?

With the advancements in the modern technology food processing and packaging industry is flourishing more and more. And with the growing food processing industry there has been a huge increase in the research on the question of how to make foods remain fresh for a longer period of time. There have been many developments when it comes to preserving food for a longer period of time. Many chemicals have been made and added to packaged food to keep them fresh for a longer period of time than their usual shelf life.

What are the Contaminants in food? And how they harm us?

If you look at the chemicals which helps in keeping the food fresh, you will see that there are mainly four groups of chemicals that are being used in the food processing and packaging industry. The first and the most common one is Formalin. Formalin is actually the 1% solution of formaldehyde. It is used in biological laboratories to keep the plant and animal tissues intact, but now it has been added to fruits, vegetables and meats and fish to keep them fresh. This Formalin if consumed on a higher level may cause problems and issues to the digestive system. The second most common one is preservatives. Preservatives have been used in the food packaging and processing industry for a long time now and they have been proven to cause many vital diseases to different organs be that heart, brain or nervous system. Then there is meat enhancing compound which helps the farms to make their cattles more mwaty. But these enhancers actually harm your digestive system and other organs. Then there is the last one called borax. Borax was previously used in grape Vines and was developed to keep some diseases away. But now this borax is causing more health problems than most other preservatives.

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