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How to Access the Dark Web in 2020?

It is known that internet web browsers are a collection of billions and trillions of webpages. And a person can’t count each one of them by visiting it personally. Similarly, the internet we use nowadays is just 10% of the total internet and is popularly known as surface web. Many websites cannot be opened on an ordinary web browser. The rest 90% part of the web is known as the deep web and the dark web is a small part of this deep web that can be accessed by darknet tor.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a collection of websites and webpages that are being accessed only using some specialized Web browser. Unlike a normal web browser, the dark web does not work on real IP addresses. People who do not have appropriate knowledge about the dark web should not use it as it might be harmful to the system from which it is operated.

How is Dark Web different from the Surface Web?

Most websites available on the surface web are legal and easily accessible whereas dark web has websites that are illegal and can harm your computer system. In surface web, the real identity of user is used therefore in case of any data loss or data theft, it is easy to find the culprit wherein dark web proxy server is built that change continuously to hide user’s identity which makes it difficult to track the hacker in case of any system hacking or virus installation.

Accessing Dark Web

There are ways by which one can access the dark web with data security. The dark web is accessed by browsers like darknet tor, orfox, brave, etc. This web browser consists of various web pages that can be accessed through web page addresses ending with .onion. 

Following are the steps to access the Dark Web:

  • Install a suitable web browser from a normal web browser of the surface web.
  • Set up the settings of the browser such as server settings and safety level. For example- darknet tor has a safety regulator that sets the security settings as per user’s choice.
  • Search for the web page if your choice with domain.onion
  • Browse to other websites through different links called nodes.

So, these were some of the steps of accessing the dark web. It is advised to visit web pages that are safe and secure because the dark web is full of anonymous sites that might be harmful to you and your computer.