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How to Prevent Your Children from Sexting on WhatsApp

Sadly, children are sexting more than ever before. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have made sexting easier for them like never before. It has been revealed that there had been a 15% increase in the number of children who are seeking counselling regarding sexting incidents. Here’s how WhatsApp monitoring can preventyour child from sexting on the platform. 

Technology has certainly made our lives simpler. We can get information about anything just with a single press of a button or a mouse click. Children can access adult content with a single tap and can also exchange sexually explicit messages with others without any hassle. 

How is Sexting Affecting Your Children? 

Sexting is negatively affecting your children more than you can imagine. For those who do not know, sexting is when your child shares sexually explicit or inappropriate images and videos of themselves with another person. 

Sexting taking place between consenting adults is not harmless. However, when a child is seen sexting with another person, it can be quite alarming, especially for their parents. Sexting is considered illegal for children because as soon as they send a picture or video to the other person, they no longer have control over who it is passed on to and where it may end up. 

The picture or video could be posted on a social media platform where it is publicity viewable. While it is possible to take down the picture or video from the platform but it is not possible to stop people from saving or sharing them elsewhere. This can lead to severe problems such as bullying, blackmail, and emotional distress. 

How to Prevent Kids from Sexting on WhatsApp

Sexting takes place on WhatsApp as it is the most popular instant messaging app among children. Preventing your kids from sexting on WhatsApp requires you to do some things. First of all, you need to talk to them about the dangers and potential consequences of exchanging and sharing messages, photos, and videos of a sexually-explicit nature. 

Make your children understand that when they are in a healthy relationship, they shouldn’t feel pressurized into sharing something they don’t feel comfortable with. They should also realize that sexting under the age of 18 is illegal. 

Another important thing you can do to prevent your child from sexting is to monitor their private chats with the help of a WhatsApp spy tool. By installing a WhatsApp spy tool on their cell phones, you can remotely monitor their WhatsApp activity from anywhere and at any time without them knowing. 

The WhatsApp spy tool remains undetectable on your child’s cell phone because the spy app becomes hidden on their device and silently runs in the background. You can monitor your child’s WhatsApp chats and find out whether or not they sharing sexually explicit messages with someone. 

If at any time, you find your child sexting with someone, you can intervene at the right time and stop your child from doing that. By stopping your child at the right time, you can prevent them from the havocs of sexting.