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How To Send A Cover Letter Electronically

A fairly common question I hear from clients is, “how do I send a cover letter via email?” Well, my advice is never to attach it as a Word document to the email and expect them to read it. Hiring managers simply do not have time to open a scan multiple documents in search of your resume. They want to know who you are and why you are emailing them!

And a cover letter can indeed be a powerful tool that introduces you and catches the attention of your potential employer, making them interested in learning more about you in your resume. Therefore, I would advice presenting it right there in the email itself.

Here is a quick guide for how to do that:

• Preparing your cover letter: Open the document in MS Word and take a look at it. Is it more than three paragraphs long? If so, edit it down by removing the most irrelevant information. While a printed cover letter may be perfectly suitable at five to six paragraphs, an “electronic” letter (one sent in an email) should be far shorter. This is because people tend to skim over words on a computer screen and hiring managers are likely not to finish reading a long email. Once you get your cover letter to a suitable length, copy and paste it into a new email.

• Introduction: Formal printed letters need a traditional business template, but email cover letters are acceptable with a simple “Dear Mr. Jacobs,” (or “Dear Sir or Madam,” if your contact is unknown).

• Salutation: Resist the temptation to insert an electronic signature. Some email systems do not pick up HTML and your signature image will not go through, so your salutation will appear incomplete. Simply type your name followed by your contact information (phone number and email address). Note: If possible, avoid using your current company’s email; opt instead to use a personal email account.

• Subject Field: Be sure your subject field is clear and succinct. A simple “David Andrews’ resume” will suffice. You may also choose to include the position to which you are applying or even the job posting number.