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MySQL to PostgreSQL

Every database specialist recognizes PostgreSQL and MySQL as popular open source database management systems. Both DBMS are supplied with lot of administration and development tools and have huge communities of fans. However, PostgreSQL is more suitable for deploying corporate data warehouses due to some important features missing in MySQL: 

  • complete compatibility with the ANSI SQL standard 
  • support for either synchronous or asynchronous replication mode
  • multiple concepts of indexing 
  • asynchronous commit 

These advantages force many companies to migrate their databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL. The procedure of database migration is usually implemented according to extract-transform-load (ETL) concept that consists of the following steps:  

  • Export MySQL table definitions in form of DDL SQL statements 
  • Process the exported statements with respect to safe type mapping, naming rules and default values validation
  • Load the converted statements into PostgreSQL database 
  • Export MySQL data into comma separated values (CSV) files 
  • Transform the exported data according to PostgreSQL ranges of accepted values and format of text representation for the appropriate data types
  • Load the output CSV data into the target database
  • Extract views, triggers, and stored procedures from MySQL database as CREATE-statements and the source code
  • Port these statements and source code from MySQL to PostgreSQL format and import it into the destination database

The steps of ETL process listed above prove that database migration can take a lot of resources when doing it manually. Also, there is high risk of data loss or corruption due to human errors. In view of these facts it is reasonable to use database migration tools. This special software helps to avoid errors, to keep data integrity and to automate the migration process.

Intelligent Converters, a software vendor specializing in database conversion, migration and synchronization since 2001, developed one of the most popular tools for database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL. It has great performance due to direct reading and writing of data without using middleware libraries or components. 

MySQL to PostgreSQL converter works with all versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL running on Linux/Unix/Windows platforms including such forks as MariaDB, Percona and PaaS variations as Heroku, Amazon RDS and Google Could. For automation purposes the product supports command line parameters. Also, MySQL to PostgreSQL converter provides the following capabilities:

  • filtering particular records for conversion through ‘Select’ queries 
  • merging or synchronizing PostgreSQL database with MySQL data
  • customization of tables (renaming, changing type and attributes or excluding columns from migration)
  • exporting database from MySQL to PostgreSQL script 

The feature at the bottom of list is designed for those cases when direct connection to PostgreSQL server is not available. Later the script can be imported to PostgreSQL using pgAdmin or psql tools. Finally, as every product developed by Intelligent Converters, MySQL to PostgreSQL converter is supplied with lifetime license and 1-year subscription for updates.

Learn more about MySQL to PostgreSQL converter at the official product’s page.