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SEO Tip – Use Content and Inbound Marketing to Your Advantage

Instead of cold calling, why not look for an effective way to get the customers coming to you for a change?

Outbound online marketing strategies aren’t exactly obsolete but online inbound marketing techniques certainly are much easier to succeed with – if you do it right. Inbound marketing helps you do marketing and SEO together.

Instead of doing the online equivalent of cold calling and banging on doors, inbound marketing helps people find you. Instead of banging on other doors, people could be knocking on your door. SEO can help you substantially, especially if you do it with strong marketing techniques built in to your optimisation approach. And the great news is that a bit of effort can pay off repeatedly.

Offer Information

A big part of succeeding with inbound marketing agencies involves sharing information online. Making information available to potential customers is the way to go in the information age where consumers use the information that they find online to help them make their purchasing choices.

There are many ways to use information to help your site get found. Much of the world of SEO is built on the basic concept of content marketing. By creating and offering content, you’ve got an opportunity to market to interested people and build a relationship with them. Content can be shared via your site and via many web 2.0 properties. It can also be syndicated so that it can be spread far and wide – increasing the eyes that will land on it.

Press releases, SEO articles for content sites, and blog posting are all good approaches to take. Provide information and then work to get the visitor to your website through your byline. Don’t forget keyword rich anchor text to help you increase your page rank.

Tip: Make the Info Keyword Rich

Keyword richness that is done carefully online can be very beneficial. But there’s a fine line to walk between keyword rich and keyword stuffed so don’t make keyword optimisation your primary objective when working on inbound marketing. The best approach to take is to be informative first and think SEO second.

Keyword integration into the title, the headers, the text, and optimisation of various tags on the page can all help your article get found. Making it rich with good and informative content will also help the content get acted upon and shared with others. Strategic positioning of content is also important.