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Shall We Choose Electronic Or Mechanical Watches?

Unfortunately, the job of a watchmaker does not have the same impact as it used to have. A watch measures a lifetime and it may have an emotional value. Not many people know nowadays to appreciate a valuable watch. It does not have to be appreciated only after the material it is made from. The song of “the tic-tac” tells in fact its story.

It is true that a mechanical watch does not always indicate the precise time, showing errors of a few seconds. Moreover, it is difficult to be serviced; the hour has to be adjusted from time to time. Even so, a mechanical watch is a piece of art and many owners would not give up to them. Despite these inconveniences, they may last a lifetime.

Starting from its exterior aspect, a mechanical watch will offer an official look. Its shape, the form of the bracelet which is recommended to be made from leather or precious metals, all these add a certain status to the wearer. Lately, the mechanical wrist watches, with a very elegant look, represent a confirmation of this social status. On the other hand, electronic watches have the advantage of preciseness. They do not ask for certain service and they live as long as the battery is alive.

If you are the sportive type, spending time practicing sports, running in the park or doing your best in a gym, you probably need an electronic watch. It may display chronometer, altitude, geographical coordinates, how many steps you have made, how many calories have been lost and so on.

Whether you are fond of the story said by the tick-tack or if you are a fan of the silent but reliable and modern electronic watch, famous brands try to satisfy your requests. Some watches, for instance, have embodied both styles in order to be one step forward your possible wishes. It is up to you to make the difference and see what is characteristic for you.

People evolved and began to forget that a watch represented more than a machinery measuring time; it was such a necessary device. The designers continued this tendency leading up to the first order.