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Technology Brings Fashion Forward

Fashion is no longer just a matter of taste; it’s a matter of technology. In our high tech world, retailers have to compete more than ever to get a customer’s attention. Finding creative ways to convince us to buy has become a business in itself for the fashion industry. Without the latest advances in technology, many fashions never even get seen. As customers move more to fashion advice on the run and internet sales for their purchases, manufacturers and retailers have become more inventive than ever in showing society what they have to offer. Revolutionary ways to attract customer’s attention, sell, and stock have become the first priority in fashion sales.

Society is ever more demanding for fast, convenient solutions to match their busy life. With cell phones that function as computers, computers that function as shopping carts and televisions that skip commercials, marketing new fashions to customers has become a process of infiltration. Everywhere we turn; there are examples of manufacturers using every possible media to advertise. Retailers are making it easier than ever to shop, try on, and buy just about any fashion you could want, all with a personal touch previously unheard of. 3D body scanning is a great example of technology to conform to a consumer’s every desire. 3D body scanning involves scanning a person in seconds to record every angle of their body. This digital rendering allows manufacturers anywhere in the world to create custom fitted clothing with confidence. Virtual try-on gives us a technologically advanced version of the paper dolls of old. Virtual try-on gives basic descriptions of body type to allow the customer to create a close likeness to themselves. They can then “try on” a selection of clothing to see how it would look and fit. The computer can even make suggestions on clothing choices that would best flatter the customer’s digital figure.

Beyond matching the customer with the product, retailers are coming up with better ways to make a buyer’s shopping experience more convenient. Customers are more demanding than ever due to hectic lifestyles and a desire for convenience. Any tool a retailer can gain over their competitor can make the difference. Mobile Point of Sale might be that difference for some retailers. Studies have shown that customers hate to wait in line. Mobile Point of Sale speeds up the line, allowing customers to flow through efficiently. A mobile POS station allows sales people to move out from behind registers, and come to the customers waiting in line. Each item can be scanned with cordless scanners, and a ticket with a bar code can be printed. The cashier at the front of the line simply scans the barcode, completes the transaction, and the customer is done. RFID is being utilized to make the ordering and replenishment process more efficient. When retailers can automate the ordering process, they are better able to guarantee the product the customer wants is available.

In the days of the past, fashion magazines told us what was trendy, and what we should buy. With increased internet sales, fashion magazines are reaching their customers right there on the computer. With interactive applications and online discounts, digital fashion magazines sum up the most basic need of the customer. Convenience, personalization, and answers at our fingertips. Fashion trends may change overnight, but in our world of technology, fashion business has to change even faster.