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The Duties Of The MEI Photographer

Like other business models, MEI also has certain obligations and benefits. It is essential to be aware of all of them to formalize yourself as an MEI photographer. Let’s start with the duties.

All Individual Microentrepreneurs must be up to date with their tax obligations, which are paid through a form called DAS (National Simple Collection Document). Payments must be made monthly and are due on the 20th of each month.

The DAS payment includes the value of all taxes that the MEI must pay. Are they:

  • ISS (Tax on Services of Any Nature): a tax levied by municipalities on micro-entrepreneurs who work with services. As a service provider, the MEI photographer is obliged to pay the ISS.
  • ICMS (Taxes on the Circulation of Goods and Services): charged by the states, it is linked to the sale of products.
  • Social Security: amounts paid to ensure that the MEI has access to social security benefits.

The default can harm the benefits to which the MEI is entitled and generate fines and charges.

It is also recommended from that the MEI complete the Monthly Income Report, a document that lists the previous month’s receipts. This report should not be sent to any agency, and it only serves the entrepreneur to organize better information on the revenue generated with commerce, industry, and services activities.

Completing the report can also help the Individual Micro entrepreneur produce their Annual Simplified Receipt Statement (DASN).

The DASN is a document that states how much the MEI has received in the last year, and this, yes, must be sent annually. Usually, the delivery period is until the last day of May of the following year. Whoever acts as MEI in 2018 will need to declare their income for this year in May 2019.

As a legal entity, he must deliver the DASN. As an individual, he may have to declare the Income Tax (IRPF) if he has a revenue equal to or greater than that determined by the Federal Government. Click on to know more