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Tips On Increasing The Coverage Of A Wifi Router

Often a place for a router is chosen according to convenience and aesthetics: “We shove it in the closet, there the socket is nearby and it doesn’t strike the eye”. It is not taken into account that the router will be in the far corner of the apartment, or even completely separated from it by a capital wall. Therefore, sometimes to correct the situation with the reception, it is enough to simply transfer the router.

Where should the router stand? Definitely not where the ethernet คือ (which is the term in Thai) The obvious answer “in the center of the room” is not always true. If the apartment is divided by a capital wall, it is better to put the router close to it, in the larger part of the apartment. You should not place the router close to sources of electrical noise – refrigerators, microwaves, stabilizers, etc. If the apartment has an area with a large number of wireless network clients (for example, an office or living room with a home theater), it makes sense to place the router closer to it.

We Change And Configure The Antenna Of The Router

If your router has internal antennas, then this item can be skipped – changing the shape of the reception zone on it will not work. But a router with external antennas can often be “adjusted” to the shape of the home. The antenna gain will help us with this (usually it is given in the characteristics of the router). The larger the coefficient, the larger the radius of the network, however, it should be borne in mind that the increase in range is made by the antenna due to the redistribution of the signal in space. If the gain is close to 1, then the shape of the reception area around the antenna will be spherical, and the signal propagation range will be small – this option is better for small two-story buildings with a floor area of ​​50-100 m 2 .