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Types Of Campaigns In Facebook Ads According To Their Objective

If you are thinking of taking out a digital marketing Adwords services (รับ ทำ adwords which is the term in Thai) whose objective is to improve the recognition of your brand, achieve reach, increase the number of followers, drive traffic to the website, get direct sales, download applications. You are in luck! Facebook offers several types of campaigns to get each of them.

Facebook classifies its campaigns according to the maturation phase in which the business is in the market, which in turn depends on the objectives we want to achieve in the campaign:


In recognition, we find campaigns whose objective is to achieve scope and visibility. These types of advertising actions are appropriate when we are new to the sector, and we want to make ourselves known or get widespread of a product, brand, or event.


At the stage of consideration, the thing gets interesting, since we ask the user one more step: interaction with the publication, watch a video, or visit our website to make some conversion.


It is the most advanced stage of the funnel since we intend to get the user to close a conversion or buy in our online store. Of all the campaigns, it is the most complicated to achieve, and on many occasions, we must work on the previous phases of recognition and consideration to achieve results.

Once we identify in which phase we are interested in working, we have to choose which type of campaigns is the most appropriate to achieve it.

Next, we will show you all the types of campaigns that can be carried out on Facebook according to your objective, so you can opt for the most appropriate and get the most out of it.