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Why Choose An IoT Platform?

In this article, we look at what IoT platforms can do for your IoT project and then discuss selecting one. IoT and Cloud IoT platforms are defined, what you need from a Cloud IoT platform, and why it matters. 

To understand what an IoT platform is, you first need to understand the complete IoT system. To find out how the platform integrates with the data you collect and how it interacts with your data. IoT platforms and their distinctive capabilities go beyond the benefits and offer a better idea of what you might be looking for in a platform. 

As mentioned above, some platforms are highly specialized and only serve a specific vertical, such as PAAS IoT platforms, specifically designed for Industrial IoT. If you develop this vertical, it might be wise to choose a platform for this space. IoT platform that is being developed chooses the platform on which you are present in the market for your company. Typically, these companies are looking to use their IoT platform to make their products and services more accessible to the broader market. 

The IoT platform solves many of the problems that companies face when building IoT applications. The IoT platform centralizes the management of an IoT network, which is much easier than managing a scattered collection of devices. Integration into an ERP platform can take connectivity to another level by enabling your IT solution to interact with IoT data in a rational and centralized way. 

IoT platforms also help your business support the integrated tools and capabilities that make it easier to sell IoT products such as smart thermostats and smart lighting. IoT platforms should support IoT applications and devices as needed, and most IoT platforms provide mechanisms for this, even if used for multiple projects or products. Those with specific needs supported by an IoT platform want to use everything that IoT can offer their company. 

There are numerous definitions of the IoT platform that point to different but similar capabilities and essentials. IoT platforms share common types of capabilities, even if one of them performs better in one area than another. 

If you want an example that illustrates the differences between different IoT platforms and their different capabilities, you can use the table of contents above. 

IoT systems are optimized by a usable IoT platform to be understandable and easy to manage and work well with other IoT systems. 

Ideally, an IoT platform will include the ability to accelerate application development and integrate with the rest of IoT technology. Choosing the right IoT platform is an important decision you must make before starting your IoT journey. It makes sense to make a prudent decision about the best platform to help you with your business project. Learn more about how to choose the right IoT platform for your business. 

Security plays a crucial role in selecting the best IoT platform for your needs, use cases, and roadmap. However, security as the architect of an IoT solution depends on the IoT platform provider. IoT platforms are called middleware in terms of their role in managing the IoT device ecosystem. Regardless of which IoT solutions you choose to deploy, an IOT platform will remain at the heart of your entire IoT ecosystem for a long time to come. 

Essentially, the task of an IoT platform is to act as a ready-made framework for your IoT infrastructure, bringing everything together and helping you take advantage as quickly as possible. IoT platforms can take over many aspects of your IoT project, saving you significant time and allowing you to roll out prototypes rapidly. However, they can also help reduce development costs and speed up IoT solutions, which is one of the key benefits of introducing an IoT platform. 

Working with a mature provider of IoT platforms will significantly accelerate your ability to deliver world-class connected products as you try to get everything done in-house. Until your IoT deployment is complete, there will be new opportunities and innovations that require an IoT platform to support it. Flexible pricing models of the IoT platforms enable you to keep costs reasonable throughout the entire life cycle of your IoT application. 

Selecting an IoT platform is one of the most critical decisions to develop the best IoT-enabled solution. Three key considerations are at the heart of your decision when choosing an IoT platform to meet your needs for functionality and intelligent networked products. Have a clear understanding of why you need to use an IoT platform and assess whether it meets your needs today and what your situation feels like. 

LoRaWAN is an IoT network protocol offered by the LoRa Alliance, which uses unlicensed frequencies and allows almost everyone to build their network at a low cost. It is the physical level of PHY, and its modulation is similar to that of a traditional wireless network but with much higher bandwidth and lower latency than traditional networks.