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Why it is important to follow the website design process

A detailed 網站設計 process focuses on independent development by categorizing tasks and dividing high-level parts into tasks and resources.

Establishing and following a 網站設計 process is very important as it can then.

  • to organize the developer’s ideas and workflows
  • provide a framework for the whole project
  • timeline project speed
  • Help understand and reassure customers about the rates they are paying
  • At some point in the project timeline, the developer decides what to deliver and what not to deliver.
  • Provides an overview of the types of work developers will be doing

Remove barriers and confusion in communication

It is important to remember that clients often do not understand the terminology and procedures required to create a complete 網站設計.

An overview of the process and its steps for clients can help clients understand the basics, understand what is happening at each step, and deliver the information they need.

Customers who understand the importance of the process can have more professional communication with their agents.

How To Plan Your Website Structure / Wireframe

Planning a website wireframe that visually represents the layout of your design content is very important as it helps our team organize and simplify the content for the area.

It also has the following advantages:

  1. Wireframes present the structure of a website to customers, developers, and designers and give them the flexibility to make changes early in the process.
  2. It can inspire designers and make the creative process smoother.
  3. Developers have a clear understanding of what they need to code
  4. The process of planning your website’s user experience is the most relevant for creating a sitemap.

How to plan a sitemap

When creating a site map for the web design team, they take into account the client’s brand and product, the behaviors and habits of the target audience to be reached on the website, and the site’s own value. 

Eliminate the Friction: A mobile-centric approach to 網站設計 helps users assess the conditions they need to achieve their goals. In large facilities, organizations can review secondary goals that meet primary goals. Eliminate unnecessary friction to focus on your main goals.

Sam Design: How mobile UI designers use mobile devices to change the way users interact with them and how other UI elements are clicked. For example, place your thumb under the main navigation rather than above, as it easily fits below.

On mobile devices that use the landscape, the vertically stacked title element can be seen as a slider with left and right navigation buttons, so the user does not need to scroll.