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Why you should focus more on the SEO in 2020

If you own a blog or an online business, you must rethink your marketing strategies so far. The competition has increased a lot. No matter what niche you pick you will face immense competition in the market. Old marketing methods are not working anymore as search engines, and social media platforms are trying to filter the best websites on the top. They have their method of rating a website. On the other hand the CPC (cost per click) for paid ads are getting increased constantly. Everyone tries to bid higher than the competitor.

Why SMM would not be a great option in the future

Social media marketing is very useful in increasing traffic to your website and getting sales. But you are paying for these ads. The one who bids higher would get the extra advantage here. People are bidding amounts up to $8-$20 per click. Any newbie cannot afford such amount of money. It is easier for bigger companies with millions in funding to run campaigns.

SEO is your best bet

Now that you can see that the big companies mostly dominate SMM, you must focus more on SEO. Search engine optimization is the best way to attract more free traffic. SEO can bring you a lot of traffic if you rank on the first page of Google. You can always try several methods that would help you in ranking yourself faster.

Take experts help without hesitation

If you feel like that you are getting confused or dubious, you can also seek professional help. Suppose you live in Thailand so you can search on the internet for seo agency Thailand. You will find lots of results but go with anyone on the first page.

Keep focusing on SEO, and do not completely stop doing SMM. You will keep getting good enough traffic for your blog or website.