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An industrial robot that is being used from 1961:

Industrial robot an arm that is being used in the industry since 1961. American inventor George Devol is the first person to invent robotic arm. That is being used in 1961 in general motors assembly line. And, after a revolution has begun. Now in most of the assembly line industrial robot can be seen working. It is known as industry 3.0. In which humans are needed just to give a set of instructions to the robots. So, after getting the instruction robot can do the job. And, after the no human efforts will be needed.

The main implementation of the robotic arm and robots in the industry happened in industry 3.0. In which the robotic arm took place of the human in the assembly line. And, other robots are doing the work of human work. Like in paint shop and other shops in an industry.

With the help of robots, fewer accidents took place

In industry 2.0 where the human was used to do the work in an assembly line. Then at that time a lot of accidents happened. In which someone lost their leg, some lost their hand and some of them lost their life too. But this was the case in industry 2.0 not in industry 3.0. Now with the implementation of robots in industry, everything has been changed. Now, a person doesn’t need to do the risky work by their own hand. Robots are there that can do such a thing. so, by that many lives have been saved.

Saves a lot of time

The time chart is very important in every industry. And, in that time chart when someone looks at the records in industry 2.0 and 3.0. then one can find the difference of timing. Robots can do work very fast as compared to humans. And, that too with perfection. So, it saved a lot of time in the industry.