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Best Plugins for Coming Soon Pages

Every website needs a coming soon page before it is ready to launch. Visitors to your website do not want to see an incomplete page full of front end errors and bugs. A coming soon page is a great way to let your audience know what’s in store for them. You may also use it to increase engagement, create hype among your audience, and promote your website.

Coming Soon pages can be used as an effective lead-generation tool. It can also be an opportunity to take a pool from your audience regarding a new idea you are unsure about implementing.

Top Plugins for Coming Soon Pages

You can easily set up a Coming soon page in WordPress using the following plugins:

Coming Soon and Maintenance Plugin

This plugin is one of the best ones out there in terms of simplicity and ease of usage. It only has the features that you need for a coming soon page and no fancy useless features. It allows for client-only access, where only your client can view your under-construction website using the secret link.

It comes with built-in SEO tests, guidelines and tests to ensure that your website will feature the top 10 in the search results. This plugin also supports CRM tools, autoresponder, and marketing software that helps you collect leads from your audience.

Under Construction Page

This handy plugin comes with a drag and drop builder that allows you to build your coming soon page swiftly and efficiently. IT has more than a million premium images and more than 210 templates, which allows you to experiment with your page and make it look appealing for your audience.

With this plugin, you can create links that can be tracked. You can share these links on social media and get to know where your traffic is coming from. This plugin even has its support team and you can contact them anytime to seek help regarding it.

Maintenance Plugin

The maintenance plugin allows you to close your web-page, and create a coming soon page with an authorization which can be edited from the plugin settings option. You can also select a logo and a background image for your site, as well as the text color and style. This plugin supports more than 100 languages.

The lead support system of this plugin uses opt-in boxes and opt-in popups to collect leads from subscribers. It also supports the autoresponse system and allows you to collect emails with ease.

WP Maintenance Plugin

This plugin gives you the time you need to design your website by creating an easy to use coming soon page that your audiences can view. You can set up your theme, background image, and text styles for the page. It also has a countdown system that lets your audience know how much time remains before your website is online. This creates anticipation, and your audiences come back for more.

Coming Soon pages are not just an ornamental feature, they can be used to collect leads and generate interest among the audience regarding your website.