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Guest Posting And Forums: Acquire New Subscribers For Your Blog

If you ever want to get your target audience (i.e. the most suitable people) to your blog, you must figure out where they spend their time during the day, whether it is a specific social media app/site, an instant messaging app, a search engine, etc. Then you make a plan to get to where the people are. Whether you spend an hour or two hours per day, that is within the more detailed stuffs of your marketing operation plan.


People may often gather and spend their time on some specific forums. When the forums are niche specific, they are very much valuable and the people there are mostly very suitable candidates of your blog’s new audience/readers. You may have to actually go through each of the forums in your niche. The problem is you may not know what the forums are. Start with this best free traffic sources list. In the list, go through the forums that are revealed, and use them if they are within your niche.


Next you will have to get a list of blogs in your niche. Go to Google. Use the keywords again, and search. Get a list of blogs that are related to your niche. Record the web addresses of all the blogs that you believe you need to review. Come back to the blogs list. Actually open each blog’s article page on your web browser. Scroll down to the comment section of the blogs. The comment section actually gives you a signal. The high traffic blog (or the blog with very high traffic on that specific topic) would have many comments after the article. This is the signal.

In your blog content creation plan, write down what you have found. i.e. You already know by now the most popular or the most talked about topics in your niche. This are the content topics that you will have to create (or replicate) and launch on your blog.

Guest posting

Previously you have created and recorded the list of blogs in your niche that have many of your target audience/users. You should further identify the blogs that are suitable for you to guest post. Posting your articles on other people’s blogs (i.e. guest posting) would definitely help you get more new readers (or subscribers) to your own blog. All you need to do is to write the articles for guest posting.

One common mistake you may make is that you may believe writing any topic is going to do well, simply because those other people’s blogs have a lot of readers. Still the key with guest posting is rather similar to when you create content for your own blog.

Plan and Goals

Make a simple plan, with a deadline. So you can use the deadline to complete your goals. The goals should be achievable. Examples of goals may be to acquire 200 new subscribers for your blog through your digging and engagement through forums in the next 6 months, while you are publishing three new blog articles per week. In 6 months, your own blog will have at least 36 blog posts. Another goal is to get 50 new subscribers through guest posting on other people’s blogs.