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The 6 Best Secluded American Coastal Spots

It feels wonderful to have a beach vacation. You may lay on the sand, absorb sunshine or maybe read your favorite book, or go for a relaxing swim in the sea. Many people enjoy spending their day at the beach.

Having a crowd at the beach is a major drawback of going there. However, there are some beaches in secluded areas where you can spend your day without worrying about the crowds. An uncrowded beach provides greater relaxation than a beach that is frequented by throngs of people.

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The US coastline is huge. Apart from the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, you may also head over to the Great Lakes region. There are miles of secluded beaches here waiting to be discovered. They are not all that hard to find.

Dry Tortugas, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida is among the rarely-visited parks in the country. There is no highway connecting the beach, so you will need a boat or aircraft to go there. However, the commute is worth all the hassle. The beach offers pristine clear blue waters. It is a beautiful white-sand beach, located 70 miles off the coast of Key West.

Second Beach, Washington

Second Beach is located in a secluded part of Washington State. This is a great spot for camping. Hikers can come here and spend time along the coast. The beach is surrounded by green trees. You can even go for a swim in the nice calm waters. It is just a short hike away from the main highway passing through that area.

Pa’ako Cove, Hawaii

Not being part of the continental United States, Hawaii is a remote location for most Americans. Pa’ako Cove is located within a secluded part of Hawaii State. Access to this beach is a little tricky. You have to cross a lava-rock wall to get there. However, once there it will be worth all the effort.

Assateague Island, Maryland

Assateague Island is an isolated natural sanctuary in Maryland State. You will find plenty of horses and other wildlife roaming around in the wild. The island is not connected by road, so you will have to take a boat to get to this beach. However, it is worth the effort as it offers very a very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Carova Beach, North Carolina

Carova Beach is located in Outer Banks, North Carolina. The area is sparsely populated so you won’t come across a lot of paved roads over here. You will feel like you are on the edge of the world when you visit this beach. You will encounter some dunes along the way, so it is advisable to come here in a 4WD vehicle.

South Manitou Island, Michigan

Lake Michigan is a vast body of water. So vast that you can’t see both ends at the same time. You can easily mistake it for an ocean. On the lake, there is South Manitou Island. The island is accessible only by ferry. Once there, you will get to enjoy sandy beaches. There is also an isolated lighthouse there from where you can get an elevated view of the lake and take pictures.

Summing Up

It is always nice to go on a secluded beach getaway. It helps in breaking the monotony of routine. You come back fresh and rejuvenated. Overall you feel a lot better taking a break. However, sometimes even when you are on a getaway, you do feel like being connected with the outside world. Secluded beach spots often have poor internet connectivity. HughesNet ensures you stay connected through its satellite internet. HughesNet internet will help you stay connected.