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Information on the uninterruptible power supply

Investment in UPS is important while purchasing a computer as it protects your computer from any kind of problem related to power supply. It not only prevents data loss but also increases your productivity and protects hardware computer equipment. There is time when the voltage of power supply boosts or reduces suddenly which may have dire consequences on your IT equipment. Thus, investment in UPS system is considered as a valuable investment in businesses.

Types of power problems

  • Blackout: The name power cut commonly knows blackout. A power cut occurs due to downed power line or damage of the transformer. UPS system helps you to save the data and switch off the computer even after blackout.
  • Brownout: Brownout is the outcome of the overload of electrical circuits. When multiple equipment is connected and used at the same time it results in loss of power. The overload may be for a short span of time but it has the ability to damage your computer system.
  • Power surge: Power surge is caused due to a sudden increase in the voltage-current because of heavy appliances. Power surges also last for a short time but can cause severe damage to the IT equipment.

Things to be considered while selecting a UPS system

Many suppliers Sell uninterruptible power supplies [ขายเครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai] of different types and sizes. However, you should look for following things while buying a UPS system.

  • While buying a UPS system you should first look for complete surge suppression as it filters the unreliable voltage which may damage the computer.
  • Look for site wiring fault indicator as it will ensure that the system is properly grounded.
  • The UPS system must be able to filter noise in order to prevent data from corruption.
  • It must also have backup power that immediately switches in case of a power cut to avoid power lapse.
  • The UPS system should protect not only the computer system but also devices such as serial port, network and data connections.