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Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

Today, text messaging is prevalent in every workplace, as employees use mobile devices to connect with their colleagues, family, and prospects. Compared to emails, it is more flexible and adaptable to different set-ups and client demands.

Although some organizations prohibit its use for official business, employees still use mobile messaging and are therefore required to be actively supervised. Otherwise, these messages can leave a company at risk of penalties, litigation, or damage to their brand.

Mobile archiving is vital for information management and a company’s security and reputation. Regardless of the industry, a business is in, retaining information is needed. Also, such records help ensure regulatory compliance, support legal cases, and eDiscovery.

Several laws require businesses in both the public and financial industries to monitor text messages and voice calls. Meanwhile, government entities need to comply with various Public Records Laws and with the Freedom Information Act.

With a mobile archiving solution in place, an organization will immediately access data and promote efficient records request response. TeleMessage is an excellent archival solution provider with its product lines, namely Mobile Archiver, Secure Enterprise Messaging, and Mass Messaging.

To best understand mobile archiving complexities, click this infographic from TeleMessage and learn about the Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving.